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~~I had the opportunity to sit in a meeting that one of our office managers held for potential new investors.  I was reminded at this meeting of the most important reasons real estate can be such a big success for investors.
He had a panel of 3 seasoned investors and a newer client.  I will change their names but want to share the most important things I heard.
John was a waiter when he started investing and made big money fast then lost it all.  He restarted years later but was much more conservative.


~~The headline of the story in the February 22, 2014 Issue of the L A Times reads “Detroit releases bankruptcy plan.”  The article goes on to say that the plan hinges largely on “significant cuts to city workers’ pensions and retirees health benefits.”  In an interview with worker Donald Smith, 69, he says, “I already have to make choices between food and medicine.”