In Economic News...

The LA Times had a lot of good economic news in the Saturday 8/5 paper.  The US jobless rate drop to 4.3% in July from 4.9% in July of 2016.  We added 209,000 net new jobs during that period.  In addition, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.3%  in July which is a 16 year low!  They also pointed out that the average hourly wage is up 2.5%


Buckingham Investment's 2016 Forth Quarter South Bay Market Study

2016 was an interesting year for U.S. real estate.  Uncertainty in the global economy paired with the stability and comparatively high yields in domestic investment property has extended our period of high demand. Our local Greater South Bay market has been no exception. If you're thinking about investing, but have hesitated, give us a call and let's discuss your goals.  A horse that doesn't race will always lose.  



I think all investors worry about the economy as they make decisions on more investments and what to do with the investments they already have.  If you read a lot, I think you can find many opinions that will agree with what you HOPE the economy is doing.  You can also find plenty that say just the opposite.  So, the big question is which one do I believe, or, better yet, which one do I rely upon.  


Millennials, Listen Up!

A recent L.A. Times article talked about 7 steps that those in their 30’s should take.  In my opinion, the most important step was #4, Start Investing Now.  If you read the description of how your capital can grow you will understand how real estate investing can create wealth so fast.  It’s a combination of leaving your money in the investment and letting it grow over time.