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~~If you’re going to think about retiring in 2030 or after that you better read the story in the June 30th Time Magazine it has SERIOUS implications about your future.

I just got my latest copy of Time on my birthday, June 30th.  I included a link to a story about retirement titled:  “The Year Retirement Ends”.  According to the story most Gen X retirees will not be able to afford to retire at 65 because their combined retirement income will only be 41% of the average national wage. 



~~I had the opportunity to sit in a meeting that one of our office managers held for potential new investors.  I was reminded at this meeting of the most important reasons real estate can be such a big success for investors.
He had a panel of 3 seasoned investors and a newer client.  I will change their names but want to share the most important things I heard.
John was a waiter when he started investing and made big money fast then lost it all.  He restarted years later but was much more conservative.