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We produce these plans for our clients as a complimentary part of our comprehensive service offering. Each plan is tailored specifically to our client, their needs and the specific property(s) under consideration. 

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Income Replacement Program

The income replacement program is an online, form based program designed to help you better understand your investment needs and set the investment goals that will help you fulfill these needs. To get started, select your nearest Buckingham Investments office from the list below.

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Real Estate Investment Principles: An Introduction

In our careers in investment real estate and as individual real estate investors, the most frequently asked question has been “Are there any good, but simple, books which explain the basic principles of real estate investment?”

Real Estate Investment Planning: An Introduction

Since inflation affects most products and services it also affects real estate. This isn't a good thing if your just getting started but it may be your best friend if you have significant investments in property.

Plan Example

This is an example plan just like the property investment plans we produce for our clients.