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Have you ever noticed that it seems no matter what stage our economy is in, most of the news is BAD news?  I believe the old adage about “bad news sells” is true.  Most people would agree that we are in the beginnings of a recession recovery.  Yet, the news seems to always talk about the negative: the new jobs are not as high paying as the ones lost, most sections of the economy are looking good, but there may be a bubble looming, etc.


I just read a short article about retirement in a recent issue of Forbes magazine.  The author wasted no time getting to scare tactics about needing to focus on lengthening your career versus planning for retirement.  That got me thinking about how the world of retirement has changed, so I decided to do some quick historical research. 

Anthony Walker's Interview on the "Investing in the U.S." Podcast!!

Buckingham Investment's CEO, Anthony Walker, had the chance to sit down with Reed Goossens for an interview on his excellent Real Estate investing podcast called "Investing in the U.S."  Reed discussed several great topics with Anthony including the Buckingham way of investing, how we like to work with our clients, the data we use to make smart investing decisions, our local South Bay real estate market, and much more.  Listen now for great insights and wisdom on real estate investing!


I used this title for a couple of reasons.  I wanted to catch everyone’s attention like Trump has done and then I wanted to make a few comments on how to “play” this new game we are in.  What I don’t want to do is get into any discussions about will he be good or bad for us personally or the nation.  I believe the nation is bigger than any one particular president regardless of what the current President might try to accomplish.  I guess that is one of the beauties of our system.  I like the thought by Suzy Kassem:

So Where Are Prices Going In Southern California?

I think every investor likes to know what’s happening to values as he or she watches values click up in their favorite locations.  I think it is also easy to start feeling that “it has to stop, it can’t go any higher!”  So I have done a quick survey of what is happening around our area and would like to report a few sales.  I’ll just give the address, the sale price, and the price per unit.


I picked up the October 17, 2016 issue of USA TODAY on my trip last week to Cape May, NJ.  Not to rub it in but I was on another short vacation get away paid for by the tenants in the buildings I own.  There was an interesting story in this issue that spoke to the warnings we have been giving clients for years about taking responsibility for your own financial future. 

Buckingham Investment's 2016 Second Quarter South Bay Market Study

Our 2016 2nd Quarter Market Study is essential to stay on top of the market and ahead of your competition.  Value and pricing indicators are included for all greater South Bay and Long Beach closed sales.  For an interactive copy of this study that offers area and property level detail, send me an email.  To get serious about building your real estate empire and "Getting Rich Slow" - call us to set a meeting.  We look forward to hearing from you!