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Real Agents, Real People, Real Property

Real estate brokerage the way it should be:
Fully transparent investing guidance from local investors just like you.

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Are you ready to take control of your financial future?

History speaks for itself – Real estate is the single most effective way to grow wealth. We were founded over 60 years ago on the belief that if people understood how real estate investing worked, everyone would invest in income property.

We created a real estate brokerage to fill a void in an industry focused on transactions, not people. That’s why through our Learn, Plan, & Invest program, we help our clients understand how this powerful tool can help anyone achieve their dreams. Why not work with the experts?  After all, we’re investors too.

For over 60 years, Buckingham Investments has been educating new and experienced investors on wealth generation through rental property investing.
We offer investment plans that include comprehensive research and investment strategies.
We specialize in multifamily investing which can offer robust long-term returns by making money from investment properties.

We believe knowledge is wealth.

Become a better investor with our free educational resources.

Learn at your own pace and style with our guides, instructional videos, property analysis tools, in-house local market research, events, podcasts, and much more. No paid content, no upsell, no super secret system, no bootcamps, no expensive paid coaching program.

Start your investment journey:

1. Learn

The first step to being successful in real estate investing is doing your homework and educating yourself.

2. Plan

Work with us to help create a personalized investment plan that includes comprehensive research and investment strategies.

3. Invest

We help you invest in Multifamily Properties, offering expert market/portfolio analysis and qualified investment opportunities.

90% of transactions involve a real estate agent, why not expect more?

Expert investing advice without the ego, hard sell or upsell from local investor-agents. We make money from sales commissions just like any other brokerage but offer our clients a deeper, more genuine experience to build a decades-long partnership of wealth generation.

Real Agents, Real People, Real Property, Real Results.


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Trusted by Real Estate Investors since 1963.

I would not consider buying a property without the help of Buckingham Investments, nor could I recount the many times their assistance has been invaluable to solve any number of problems. The firm is not made up of short term sales people in shiny suits but to a large extent are people who have worked out that over time they are actually making more money from property than they would at their ‘normal’ job and end up working at the brokerage. It’s that kind of place and one I can thoroughly recommend.

Jeremy L.

I bought my first property with Buckingham Investments and have worked with them since 2002. Buckingham Investments gave me the tools to have the freedom to quit my day job, and in the meantime, allows me to live the lifestyle of my boss’ boss. They gave me a plan where I turned $25,000 into a few million within a decade.

Ryan M.

Finding Buckingham Investments changed my life. I met Marty Stone the broker for Buckingham Investments 14 years ago, and he sat down and showed me why investing in real estate was the key to long-term financial security. Over the last 14 years, I have followed those Buckingham principles. He and his team have located excellent investment opportunities for me in real estate. They work tirelessly. Through their work, they helped me meet my goals of creating passive income from my properties.

Mark O.

The experienced team at Buckingham helped me start out and succeed as an inexperienced novice investor. Their support and assistance through the years enabled me to transition to a full time investor. They remain a valued resource and are integral in my business.

Keith C.

Buckingham Investments has been my exclusive agent since 1999 during which time we have completed many profitable transactions significantly increasing my wealth.

Bill B.

I have worked with Buckingham Investments for the last 12 years to build a nice portfolio of apartment buildings. I quit working at age 42 and live on the beach in Mexico because of their wealth building strategies. If you follow their guidance, you can create freedom and a nice nest egg for your future. Working with Buckingham’s concepts changed my life, I retired at age 42 and now live on the beach in Mexico.

Leslie S.

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