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Last week, Buckingham Investment’s founder, Marty Stone, spoke on the Old Dawgs REI Network Podcast episode #283: Real Estate Investing for Everyone: A Guide to Creating Financial Freedom

(link to Old Dawgs website episode page)


What You Will Learn

  • The importance and value of having a good mentor
  • How he got started with very little money
  • 3 critical points for true real estate investing success
  • The importance of creating a life plan and determining what brings you joy first before you start investing
  • Why setting a financial goal doesn’t work
  • What it means to invest for retirement instead of to save for retirement
  • How “Apartment Hacking” can be your perfect retirement solution
  • Why the myth of a “Free and Clear Home” can stifle your retirement years
  • Two critical concepts that prove real estate investing is the most important investment you can make

About Marty Stone

Martin Stone (or Marty as he prefers being called), is a founder and one of the owners of Buckingham Investments.  He has been a successful real estate broker and investor for over 40 years.  Marty was very energetic in his youth so, besides brokering investments, he established management, development, syndication, and finance divisions within the company.   At one point, he had 4 brokerage operations, managed over 1000 units, and, in the 1980’s, developed over 50 apartment buildings, commercial buildings, and single-family homes.  A graduate of USC with a degree in finance, Marty also co-authored two highly successful books on real estate investing, Secure Your Financial Future Investing in Real Estate, and The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing. And he has a new book that just came out through Dover Publications called Real Estate Investing for Everyone: A Guide to Creating Financial Freedom.  Marty and his wife Lori have 3 sons, Aaron, Chris, and Adam and reside in Southern California.

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