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I’m a great fan of old movies.  I think I got hooked when I had to take a class on the history of cinema in college.  I’m sure just about everyone has seen “It’s A Wonderful Life” at Christmas time or “The Wizard of Oz” when they were young.  I have grown to love the station Turner Classic Movies.  I love being able to watch all the oldies but goodies.


The other day I watched “Holiday”, the 1938 classic starting Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn.  Wow, were they young in this one, and they played young people caught up in the process of growing up.  Katherine was the “black sheep” daughter of a very wealthy man with 2 daughters.  Cary had fallen in love on a cruise with her sister who was very much into living the wealthy family values, which her sister was not.  What she didn’t know but Katherine learned was that Cary had a much different goal for his life, even though he had been very hard working and successful up to that point.


I think part of the dialog will explain:


Cary: “I want to find out why I’ve been working and the answer can’t be to just pile up more money.  Even if you do the government is going to take most of it away.  The world’s changing out there, there’s a lot of new exciting ideas out there.  I want to find out what that means for me, and I can’t find that out sitting behind a desk in an office.  As soon as I get enough money together, I’m going to knock off for a while.

Katherine:  You’re just going to quit?

Cary: Yes, I want to save part of my life for myself.  There’s a catch to that.  It has to be part of the young part.  Retire young and come back and work when I’m old!”

Katherine: “I’m happy to see you haven’t been caught by the REVERENCE FOR RICHES!”

Wow!  Almost 80 years ago and life seems to have some of the same issues.  There’s a lot of new exciting ideas out there.  I want to save part of my life for myself!


If you keep doing what everyone else is doing, you will probably end up with what they get.  Work till your 65 or 70 and then hope to have enough put away so you can “enjoy” your last few days.  OR, decide to join Cary and take over your financial future and see if you can find FREEDOM sooner.  At Buckingham Investments we can show you how real estate investing can help you do that, so give us a call.


-Marty Stone

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