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Massive developments planned in Long Beach are even more proof that Long Beach is a safe bet for your real estate investment dollars.  Read more, and then call us to get in on it!!

The Long Beach Business Journal updated us on the progress of the massive redevelopment at Douglas Park by the Long Beach Airport in a story found here.  As the use for aerospace and airplane construction has wound down it seems to be providing a tremendous shot in the arm for Long Beach.  This got rolling in 2013 when Mercedes-Benz leased 1.1 million square feet.  That was described by Jonathan Van Dyke in his story for the Gazette as the largest infill lease in over 25 years.  The property is now also headquarters for Virgin Galactic.

Long Beach Business Journal goes on to say that Pacific Pointe East is working on a flex-tech project of 494,000 square feet.  Among the other developments in the works is a 241 room Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites hotel project.  They reported that United pacific is moving from Gardena into their new 40,000 square foot corporate offices.  In addition, Burnham USA is purchasing land off Carson and has plans for a 250,000 square foot retail center.

All this in the works and there is still a tremendous amount of property available to develop as the Boeing C-17 program winds down.


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