Planning & Resources

BII Quick Plan Simulator

Quickly see the power of long term investing using this simulator. Chose some goals, decide how much you’re going to invest, and this simulation will give you an idea of approximately how long it will take to get you there. This is a great place to start if you’re just poking around.

Full Investment Plan

One of the most important steps in accomplishing any goal in life is the definition of the goal itself. A real estate investment plan is no exception so we make them free of charge for all of our clients. Whether you want to retire early, save for your kids college, or are just looking to add some passive income, we can help you plan for it. Here is an example of a real estate plan that we can help you develop for your own goals. Once you’re ready we will help you tailor one to your specific goals and needs.

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Market Research

The Buckingham Investments South Bay Quarterly Market Study is part of an ongoing independent analysis that has been conducted by Buckingham Investments for over 50 years.  This information is crucial for keeping up to date of the local market and we am excited to offer the data to all of our clients and extended network.

Each quarter we review all the closed multifamily sales in our market area, verify the numbers and compile the data.  We hope that this market study proves to be a valuable resource for you.  For the most recent data please sign up below.

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