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The April 2016 issue of Money Magazine once again has some great advice about retirement planning.  There are 3 excellent articles; “Are You Ready For Retirement”, “Take Charge Of Your Retirement”, and “Buckle Up”.  These start with the basic premise that most are shooting for a retirement at 65.  In the Q & A section, Money Magazine commented to those talking about working past 65 by quoting the Employee Benefit Research Institute.  They said, “About a third of workers intend to stick it out past 65, but only 14% of retirees actually have.  And half of retirees report having to quit earlier than planned, most because of health problems or a layoff.”

We have noticed in our 50+ years of helping people invest in real estate that the really successful clients aren’t the ones who invest for retirement.  Those clients who succeed are the ones who have a list of very personal goals that they want to achieve for themselves and their families.  Most people have dreams about what they would like to have but for some reason actually writing those dreams down really helps.  Once it is written down the idea of investing is not about a time 15 or 20 years away.  We like to say we help people make living “happily ever after” happen sooner. 
That is why we like to talk about Investing For Freedom, the freedom to live your life the way you want.  We have materials for you to read such as our Planning Workbook which will help you get your plan together, and our Investment Principles Guide, which will explain our method for achieving your goals. 

Call us to receive free copies of our guides.  Set an appointment to really get started on your path to early retirement and financial freedom.  Our trained agents are standing by to set a time to walk you through what we do.  These men and women are already buying property and working toward their early retirement.  Join them now, it’s never too late! 
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Marty Stone    
Buckingham Investments

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