Luis “Lou” Meza



PHONE NUMBER: (562) 900-4009

Lou combines a conservative approach to investment with his significant corporate management experience, helping his clients improve their long-term investment position. Like most agents working with Buckingham Investments, He is also an investor. He implements the same planning and investment strategies Buckingham Investments helps our clients implement.

He has been working successfully in the real estate and property market for over 28 years. He lives in Whittier, California, providing him with an up close and personal relationship with Southern California’s dynamic and appreciating property market.

Lou’s own success story:

I started as client, became an advisor, investor and property manager. By nature I’m a conservative investor. I buy a property and hold. I’ve allowed my investments to grow in equity and cash flow. Today, my real estate investments are doing very well and produce enough cash flow to cover a major portion of my comfortable lifestyle expenses.

Lou’s Perspective on Investment Planning:

We listen to our clients investment needs and wants while simultaneously teaching our clients about investing and planning. Together, our Buckingham Investments agent and client develop a written plan with stated and achievable goals. After this is completed, the process of finding and purchasing a property starts, but this is just the beginning. Buckingham Investments is with our clients through the entire investment cycle, helping them ensure their planned investment goals are achieved.

Buckingham Investments and its agents believe in client relationships centered on top notch services. We teach our client about real estate investing. We help them put together an investment plan and then together, we find and purchase the property that best meets the planned investment goals. This approach is the reason we have been in business since 1963 and the reason 83% of our business comes from existing client referrals.