“I have spent my adult life accumulating property. I spent a great deal of time reading about markets and decided the US offered great returns with a good legal system and people I could (usually:!) communicate with.  I then set about finding someone who could help – which, as a foreigner, was not as easy as you might think.  The last day of my last research trip I came across Martin Stone at Buckingham Investments.  Not only did everyone in the office ‘get’ property, but within a short 8 weeks I had purchased two 4 unit buildings. That was some 15 years ago, one of those buildings I still have and I yet to have been inside it. They were to be the cornerstone of what is now a reasonably large portfolio of property I have in LA.  I would not consider buying a property without the help of Buckingham Investments, nor could I recount the many times their assistance has been invaluable to solve any number of problems. There is always someone they know who has had a similar experience and a solution is always available to solve anything. The firm is not made up of short term sales people in shiny suits who speak at investment seminars, but to a large extent people who have worked out that over time they are actually making more money from property than they would at their ‘normal’ job and end up working at the brokerage.  It’s that kind of place and one I can thoroughly recommend.”

Jeremy L.