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                                                                           -Kevin Claiborne

You’re probably asking what this statement has to do with real estate investing?  As we pull out of this major recession, I doubt that any of us are unaffected in any way.  How many lives, families, careers, savings have disappeared during the recession and most will never be able to replace what they lost? 

For a long time, I believed it was easy for most of us to believe EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK.  After this recession, it seemed obvious that is not the case.  Those careers and jobs were not guaranteed.  Those retirement funds that “someone else” has been handling are not really safe.  The message at least for me is that it’s time to take responsibility and control of MY OWN finances and financial future.  

Our hope is that you will do that and you will allow us at Buckingham Investments to show you why investment real estate is a great way to do that.  We are not talking about single family homes, we are talking about rental property where you earn a cash return and your investments are hedged against inflation.  

Let us show you how a conservative real estate plan can yield a passive income stream that can not only help in retirement but also help you achieve some of those passions that you never thought you could achieve.  

If you can no longer count on that career or letting others handle your finances, then why set off thinking that you have to work until you are 65 or 70 to retire so you can enjoy “the good life”? 

How about a totally new look at work and life?  Figure out what a good life means to you and figure out how you can get that sooner than later.  Give us a call so we can help you plan that life!

Marty Stone

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